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Lady of Conception

Lady of Conception Persian

Dimensions: 17cm height; 8,5cm width
Materials: ceramic, double-sided satin ribbon and silver crown



The Lady in question used to accompany and protect the Portuguese people in several battles since the beginning of the nation. She was the one whom D. Afonso Henriques trusted. However, it was D. João IV, in the 25th of March 1646, who entitled her with the role of patron saint, as well as the Sovereign of Portugal. Since then, until the end of monarchy, the royal crown ceased to be worn by our kings to be worn by her as its legitimate holder. Praised in every part of the world, she represents for the Portuguese people the spirit of the nation, that even in the present days, crosses borders in faith and bravery and conquers the World with its spirituality, good-nature and creativity.


To complete this work, Mané Pupo asked Ana Pina to collaborate with her by creating the delicate detail of the crown of this Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Our Lady of Conception). Rainha de Portugal (Queen Of Portugal). Queen of our heart.





Inspired by the candid imaginary universe of Mané Pupo a crown of modern and minimalist lines is born, reinterpreted under the light of my jewellery work. As if playing we decided to cut out a strip of paper and saw it transformed into a silver crown, capable of giving nobility to the humanity of this delicate Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

A limited edition is accompanied by a ring that accentuates the expressiveness of the crown, turning it into a symbolic jewel.


Ana Pina |

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